At Meridian Animal Hospital, we understand how important your pet is to you, and we are here to offer compassionate and knowledgeable care for your small animal. With our 50 years of combined veterinary experience, we know how to handle even the most complex animal surgeries.

Our small animal veterinarian can perform the following:

  • Bladder Stone Removals
  • Mass Removals
  • Spays / Neuters

All of these surgical procedures can be greatly improved when anesthetics are involved. We are here to offer comprehensive animal care through the use of safe anesthetic services.
Improving Your Pets Comfort

We understand that many pet owners may be concerned about how anesthesia may affect their pets. At our hospital, we make sure your pet enjoys quality treatment and comfort care. All of our anesthetic services are performed by highly trained professionals, ensuring your pet is treated with the safest drugs available.

We are always supervising your pet through EKG’s and respiratory monitors to make sure their anesthesia treatment is performed safely. No matter what kind of surgical treatment or dental care you pet needs, our anesthesia process is safe and painless. Contact us today at 303-790-0800 to learn more!